First Confessions

I confess: I’m not actually the World’s Toughest Mother. I’m actually pretty muscle-challenged, despite the fact that my husband is an elite competitor in obstacle course races (OCR races), and adding insult to injury, also trains others to compete competitively in said OCR races. I started this blog, not to chronicle his achievements (of which annoyingly, there are many), but to provide myself an outlet for dealing with his obsession. I figured, there MUST be other wives to OCR-crazed husbands out there–let us commiserate together!

Mike and I running the Spartan AT&T Sprint.
Mike and I running the Spartan AT&T Sprint. I know, my muscles are intimidating.

As the saying goes, behind every great OCR competitor, is a woman who knows exactly where his Garmen is located, whether his arm sleeves are in the wash or the dryer, how many pairs of race shoes he has left, and whether he is almost out gels (gasp!). If this is you, tell me, how do you survive the early morning runs? The nightly open gyms and training sessions? How do you entertain the kids at events where there is danger of ELECTROSHOCK? (Seriously.) Are you like me and wait for your guy to leave for an OCR race, and hire babysitter so I can go to the spa? (Because, dear husband, I said I like mud baths, not mud miles.)

I profess to have run my own OCR races, and sometimes I’ll talk about those here. Sometimes I’ll also talk about general parenting issues, relationship issues, life issues, and any other issue that comes up in my, well, life. But, to begin with, I’m starting with the OCR obsessed. So, If you have an OCR-obsessed partner, I hope you’ll drop me a line, find me on facebook, or  share an Instagram pic with me. I don’t tweet a whole lot, and I’m just getting snappy with Snapchat, but regardless of the way, reach out. I promise I won’t judge you if you tell me you forgot to put electrolytes in his pre-race drink, or if you missed him scale a 10 ft wall because you were busing snapping a selfie.  (I get it.)

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