OCR Household “Swag”

Today, I somehow had more than a few extra minutes I needed to get the kids to school. I’m not quite sure how that happened, since I seem to be perpetually running late to everything these days, but I didn’t question the morning manna. Instead, I figured I would “Get-some-things-done!” I would start with the house. Looking around, it definitely needed some clean-up TLC ASAP! So, as the girls finished whatever task (like brushing their hair or teeth) that should only take a couple minutes but seems to inevitably take FOREVER, I set to work. There was a trail of sock pairs that led like bread crumbs from Alexandria’s bedroom, and a pile of couch pillows that Sydney used last night to make her own “trampoline” park. (Hey, it kept her happy and occupied for over 30 minutes. Judge me if you will, but pillows be damned!) Clearly, the girls needed a better lesson in picking up after themselves.

And then, I saw these.

OCR crap

[Photos are not staged. Yes, that is the 2016 Tinkerbell Half Marathon t-shirt. I made Mike run it with me as payback for all the OCR races he drags me too. Dang him, he came in 10th overall!]

There was Mike’s OCR crap all over the house. And, in the oddest places! I had no idea how long this stuff’s been just chillin’ in my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and family room. Some of the items had a nice, thin layer of dust on them so I knew I’d been passing by these things for a while. Then, I started to really look around. There is OCR stuff EVERYWHERE. It’s even passing for wall art in our house now.


And, this is when I knew I’ve official married an OCR fanatic. Who also needs to learn to pick up after himself. Before I had too much time to ponder these things, the clock struck the time that ensured we’d be late yet again, and I had to rush everyone out the door. I left the OCR crap where it was. (But, I did pick up the socks!)

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