About Me

Who am I? Some would say Mom. Others, wife to an OCR fanatic; a budding blogger; a woman finding her way one (muddy) footstep at a time.

What would I say? I confess I am not actually the World’s Toughest Mother, but don’t let my lack of muscles fool you. I can climb laundry piles with the greatest of ease, and hurdle over burning flames of whatever I’ve cooked for dinner. I’m forever running mud miles (free tip: do not give toddler hose when she’s sitting in growing sod), and “burp-ee” penalties frequently occur during the witching hour of 5 o’clock.  I’ve actually run my fair share of OCR races, but that’s beside the point. I may not actually be the World’s Toughest Mother, but I survive each day without leaving any children, pets, or husband behind, and I think that makes me pretty tough.